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Silex Visual Group Collaboration Solutions

SilexPro, is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration. They stand out of the crowd with their new “Center of Table” (CoT) concept, that makes the group collaboration experience feels more natural. They are actively promoting the Silex PTE series which are “agnostic” all-in-one Center of Table (CoT) visual collaboration systems.


Today’s trends in video are enabling huddle rooms for group collaboration. New technologies such as WebRTC and standard wireless display protocols are emerging and expected to be very widely used soon. Soft / web / cloud based video clients are taking over legacy video conferencing systems, and customers are looking for easy all-in-one solutions to deploy.



To align with this market transformation, Westcon has partnered with SilexPro and now offers their new generation of endpoints –  Silex PTE Trio and Silex PTE Quattro – which are perfectly adapted to these changes.


SilexPro has designed the Silex PTE which are unique all-in-one group collaboration systems to be used in the center of the table. The Silex PTE video agnostic systems offer a single hardware for all platforms and are currently the only devices that provide a truly natural group collaboration experience while leveraging the video client of your choice.


Why become a Silex partner through Westcon UCC?

Having SilexPro in Westcon’s portfolio offers a new unique flavor of video collaboration systems to customers, especially when combined with their other existing video and collaboration offerings.


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How does the vendor solution help the partner make money


Selling Silex PTE solutions will generate revenues to partners in different ways: 

These all-in-one collaboration devices are designed for small to medium meeting rooms or huddle rooms. In a market where the estimated number of huddle rooms to equip is 50 million, there is an opportunity to sell Silex PTE systems and sustainably grow this business with partners. Moreover, with the new market trends, customers are starting to replace their existing traditional codecs with next generation systems and Silex PTE is a perfect option for these replacements with existing customers. 

Being a video agnostic system opens the door to cross-sell and upsell by bundling the Silex PTE solution with any existing UC platform that the partner already sells (ex: Avaya, BlueJeans, Polycom…). It also gives access to customers who initially have a UC platform from the competition but are interested in installing Centre of Table (CoT) systems that are fully compatible with their existing VC solution. For Microsoft partners, Silex PTE systems will help leverage the Skype for Business (SfB) and O365 usage in Microsoft accounts since enterprise customers already get SfB licenses but don’t necessarily use them. For partners willing to offer services based on WebRTC – the platform of the future- Silex PTE is a perfect endpoint. Bundling video conferencing licenses of your choice with Silex PTE systems will generate much more revenues from projects.

Since there is currently no competition in the market, if customers are convinced with the CoT concept then they will acquire a Silex PTE solution or even mention its specifications in tenders which will directly lead to winning the deal.

The systems being compact, portable and not requiring installation, it is easy for a partner to develop a rental business and generate profits.

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