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The snom UC portfolio expands functionality beyond voice by adding support for the productivity features included in Microsoft Lync. The snom 300 and snom 821 phones are officially qualified for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync™ 2010. The snom UC600 is a traditional IP desk phone specifically designed and optimised for use with Microsoft Lync.

The snom UC Edition firmware has been fully tested to provide the highest level of interoperability and reliability with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Lync 2010. This ensures users of snom 300 and 821 IP phones benefit from enhanced feature integration with Microsoft Lync; delivering greater productivity levels and improved user experience. Deploying snom phones in a Microsoft Lync environment not only increases user productivity but also provides a future-proof investment with rich feature integration.



  • Unique: snom is currently the only IP phone manufacturer worldwide that is offering "Qualified for Microsoft® Lync™" phones after completing extensive and rigorous Microsoft interoperability testing.
  • Flexible: snom phones have a higher level of flexibility, bringing additional features to Lync and can also work in non-Lync environments. "Optimised for Lync" devices will only work in a Lync environment because they all use the same Microsoft® Lync™ phones 2010 phone edition software.
  • Protect your investment: Phones are the most expensive part of a unified communications solution and only snom "Qualified for Lync" devices can operate with other UC solutions and SIP-based telephone systems.
  • Future-proof: "snom UC edition" qualified devices can be migrated from and to a Lync environment or can work together in dual Lync/PBX environment (dual stack).
  • Customisable: snom 821 can receive video streams from entry phones, surveillance cameras, etc. / keys show presence and can be configured as dedicated feature buttons / User interface screen can be customized to display logos, images, ticker and more…


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