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Ciena for Financial Services — Stay ahead of the market

Financial services firms specializing in high frequency trading are looking to reduce network latency anywhere within the algorithmic-based trading work flow. In the past, efforts to reduce latency have been implemented with superfast computers, faster software and faster storage connections. Today saving fractions of seconds by reducing data transport latency in network systems and fiber-based transport networks is receiving more attention. In addition, since low-latency market data is uncompressed and trading volumes are increasing so rapidly, much more bandwidth capacity is required.

Even amid a slowing global economy, your network must juggle increased trading volume, risk assessment, global communication, and regulatory compliance—while continually reducing costs. Low latency, reliable deterministic connections, and multi-dimensional scalability are essential. Can your network keep you ahead of the competition in today’s volatile business environment? With Ciena delivering up to 100G speed and unprecedented reliability, it can.


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