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Ciena in the Data Center — Creating a Network that Works for you!
Corporate networks are in a new phase of change. Innovative network and bandwidth-intensive applications, such as disk mirroring and disaster recovery, have become essential parts of Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures. In the race to build new networks and upgrade legacy systems, enterprise IT departments have solved several immediate problems. However, network complexity and hardware, maintenance, and management costs have increased, leading operators to seek a solution that addresses budget, maintenance, and management needs as the demand for greater performance, security, and new applications increases. With Ciena products, networks can become flexible, programmable, intelligent assets that react rapidly to change.

Ciena’s network solutions employ a number of unique features that increase performance and lower costs. Ciena’s FlexiPort technology, virtualized network resources, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) and compression, and ON-Center® Network and Service Management Suite are central to Ciena’s enterprise networking solutions. Now that's smart.

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