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APC Next Generation Smart-UPS

APC Next Generation Smart-UPS

Thanks to millions of dollars in research, APC can proudly claim that only the new  Smart-UPS features the unique battery life expectancy predictor, telling you the exact month and year for battery replacement. When every cost matters and performance is critical, insist on the more intelligent, more intuitive APC Smart-UPS. Now more than ever, the name on the outside guarantees reliability on the inside : APC Smart-UPS.

The new Smart-UPS is GREEN :
• High Efficiency ‘green’ mode saves utility and cooling costs
• High frequency design reduces UPS weight and improves battery efficiency

The new Smart-UPS is very easy to use:
• Alpha numeric LCD display that makes UPS easy to monitor and manage
• Flash upgradeable firmware
• Rack optimised form that is convertible to free-standing tower
• Controllable outlets allow for rebooting hung devices without re-starting the UPS


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